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Create a New/Additional YouTube Channel From Your Account

If you want to create a new YouTube channel, you can do this simply without having to create a new Google account. It is actually easier to manage doing it this way.

This new channel will live as a separate entity on YouTube. For viewers, it will not be visibly connected to your original YouTube account, nor will they have visible access to the Gmail account you signed up with.

Creating a New Channel

To create new YouTube channel

  1. Open your YouTube main page on a desktop or laptop
  2. On the left menu, scroll down to “Settings” and click
  3. In the “Your channel” section click “Add or manage your channel(s)” or “”
  4. If you have the “+ CREATE A CHANNEL” button
  5. In the “Channel name” box enter the name of your new channel
  6. Check the confirmation box and click “CREATE”

Congratulations! You have created your new YouTube channel.

See video below:

YouTube Channel URL

You will need the channel URL to post to your channel’s link to social media and other locations.

To find your channel’s URL link:

  • Ensure you are logged in to your channel
  • Link your channel icon on the top right
  • Select “Your channel”
  • Click the “CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL” button
  • Select the “Basic info” tab

Customizing Your Channel

You may also want add some custom images to your new channel. These are in order of priority:

  1. Picture – This is for you personal profile picture or brand logo.
  2. Banner image – This banner image will typically be representative image or graphic design
  3. Video watermark – This is an image that will usually be your logo or your brand name embedded in an image

For the profile picture this will either be square or you can crop a square portion of the image within YouTube.

Switching Channels

You can easily switch between your channels by

  • Clicking on your icon in the top right
  • Selecting “Switch account”
  • Selecting form the list of channels that you own or manage

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